6 Things That DO NOT (Directly) Affect Your Google Rankings ADMUINFO

1. The Age Of Your Website:Google doesn't care if your website was registered 10 years ago or 1 year ago. It only sees how much your content is really helping people, what links are provided, the authority signals and all those things. If your site was registered 10 years ago, and you see that it's still going good today, there's a good chance that you've built up lots of links and authority and equity, that Google actually cares about.But if say you registered your website 2 years ago, with links and authority and signal, Google will probably reward that site even more. The reason for this is that this site influenced in a very small period of time as compared to a longer one.

2. Whether You Do Or Don't Use Google Apps & Services:Many think that Google monitors what's going on our Google Analytics account and sees our data and Adsense, goes through our Gmail and all. But, that's not the case with Google. If this would have been the case, people working in Google would leave the company, as no one wants their gmail data to be seen by anyone else.So using these or not won't affect your website rankings in google search result page.

3. Likes, Shares, Plus-Ones, Tweet Counts Of Your Web Pages:Knowing the number of likes and shares on facebook is always something to feel good about. But it doesn't change the fact that Google don't care about these likes and shares at all. Google is not even looking at that or using it.But it might happen that the people who shared it on Facebook also did some other activity that resulted in lots of browser activity and search activity, which will have an impact indirectly. So buying shares on Facebook won't help in website ranking.

4. Using Shared Hosting Or Some Of The Inexpensive Hosting:Seen directly, this won't affect your website ranking unless it hurts load speed or up time. If it doesn't hurt either of those things and they're just as good as they were before or as they would be if you were paying more or using solo hosting, you're just fine.Don't worry about your hosting as it won't have affect on your website ranking directly.

5. Characters That You Use As Separators In Your Title Element:So having a page with a title, and in that title the use of separators whether it be a bar, hyphen, colon, or any other special character won't affect your website ranking. Google does not care about the separator in your title element.Maybe you found out that one of these characters has a slightly better click-through rate & preference than another one. But it's kind of rare to find that now. Though it might look good but Google doesn't value it for website ranking.

6. Using Headlines And The H1, H2, H3 Tags:Many think that using H2 instead of H1, will be given less importance by Google. But that's not the case. Whether you use an H5 or H2, that is your website and you have to see the CSS on your site and the design. The best practice in HTML is to make sure the biggest headline is H1. Making your HTML and CSS look clean by using or not using H1 or any heading won't affect the website ranking from Google's perspective.So, use the headline you want to use and don't stress about website ranking.


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