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Getting Started

Our Getting Started Guide is here to help you learn the basics about the Performance Partners Program and walk you through a few abbreviated steps to get up and running with apple.

For more detailed information, please refer toApple's Program Overview where you can access guides and FAQ’s for a wide variety of other topics. If you are also looking for a more detailed walkthrough on how to get started with linking to Apple Music, please also check our Getting Started Guide for Apple Music as well.

Standard Program Rates and Information

¹ Apple Music commissions are calculated as a percentage of the amount charged to a customer for that customer’s first paid month of subscription (Individual Memberships, Family Memberships, Student Memberships). Not all types of memberships are available in all territories or to all customers, and Apple may add or remove membership types and the availability of its services in any territory at any time.

Individual and Family Memberships are available in 115 countries. Click here to see a current list of countries for student membership availability.

Step 1: Submitting Your Partner Application

In order to become a performance partner you must first submit your application here. By filling out the application we can better understand how you plan to promote the program and if you will be a good fit. Please make sure to always include a valid website or app URL. Once submitted you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.

Applications are reviewed within 3-5 business days from the time of submission. Once a final determination has been made, you will be notified of our decision via email.

For more information on our Applications process, visit our Application FAQ.

Step 2: Account Setup and your Partner Token

If your application was approved you will receive a welcome email that will contain your username and partner token.  Your partner token is an alpha numeric string that must always be present in your partner links to ensure you receive credit for referred traffic and sales.

The user ID and password will grant access to a reporting interface where you can track performance as well as input your payment information.  You can access the user interface by signing in here.

To change your language preferences for future communications, sign in to your partner account and update them in your account settings.

Helpful tip: The ‘l’ in your partner token will always be a lowercase ‘L’ and not an ‘i’. As a best practice, always make sure to copy & paste.

Step 3: Review our Identity Guidelines

Our Identity Guidelines provide everything you need to know about how to properly link to all content available in the Apple Services Performance Partner Program. You can also download badge art via the link above.

Being familiar with these guidelines before you start creating links will ensure you comply with Apple branding requirements and receive the greatest benefit from your communications.

Step 4: Creating Links

The easiest way to create links for iTunes is to simply add your partner token to the end of any iTunes Store or Apple Books Store URL.

For example, the following partner link is to the Singapore store (eg):

Our Link Maker tool can also be used to find and link partner-encoded content. Look for Link Maker in your account dashboard by navigating to the Tools tab. Also check out the Apple Music Toolbox which is our one stop shop for all things Apple Music. Additionally, be sure to visit the brand Identity Guidelines to ensure that your campaigns are compliant with program terms and conditions.

Links for Apple Music require additional parameters to enable Apple Music partner tracking. The following parameter: app=music, in addition to your partner token (at=12345), should be added to all Apple Music links to ensure proper attribution. So be sure to add these parameters to all Apple Music links to earn partner commission for Apple Music.

Example link:

For more information on our tools and linking, visit our Linking Guide.

Step 5: Setting Up Your Payment

Access and update payment information by signing into your partner account. We recommend you do so immediately as this is required in order to receive payment. For more information on setting up your payment options, visit our Commissions & Payments FAQ.

Step 6: Advanced Tools (Optional)

A variety of advanced tools are available for savvy partners to create links to our stores. These include our iTunes Search API and Apple Music API. Additionally, our Enterprise Partner Feed provides an advanced data feed for the entire iTunes catalogue (approved access only). Please review these tools to assess if they may be a good fit for your needs.

Please reach out to our Partner Support team if you have any other questions on getting started.

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