Discover the latest updates to Google Data Studio June 2020 ADMUINFO


Introducing the Data Studio API Developer Preview

The Data Studio API is now available for Developer Preview. Developers can use the API to search for Data Studio assets accessible to users in their domain and manage permissions at scale.


Sharing Permission Controls for Administrators

As an administrator, you can manage how users in your organization share Data Studio assets. This helps ensure Data Studio usage is secure and complies with your organization's policies.


Drive Migration for G Suite Users

Data Studio is moving off Google Drive. This migration is complete for non-G Suite users. G Suite users will be migrated in the coming weeks. You don't need to take any action but G Suite administrators can.


Video: Data Studio Community Livestream

In the first Data Studio Community Livestream, Googlers Rick Elliott and David Murphy were joined by industry experts Lee Hurst and Ralph Spandl to discuss Data Studio's feature tracker, connectors, dashboards, custom visualizations and the Data Studio roadmap.


See the latest updates from Data Studio here.


DataVis DevTalk: Developing Solutions with BigQuery and Data Studio

Trying to build a reporting solution from your BigQuery data in Data Studio? There are several ways to approach this. In this episode of DataVis Devtalk, Minhaz Kazi walks you through the pros and cons of different options.


Hannah Rampton: Search Console Explorer Studio

Hannah Rampton has created a Data Studio dashboard that offers different ways to explore (and extract) your Google Search Console data. "Whether you're clicking on a query, location or device, you can truly 'explore' your data."


Scandiweb: Page-path Based Checkout Funnel Analysis with Google Data Studio

As Scandiweb writes, checkout is the step in the user journey where visitors are the most motivated to make a purchase. To facilitate checkout data analysis and areas to improve, Scandiweb created a Data Studio report that measures checkout completion rate across devices.


Omi Sido: Calculated Fields in Data Studio

In this post, Omi Sido, Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe, says "When your data doesn't give you enough information, it's time to create a calculated field." He explains how to use Data Studio calculated fields for arithmetic, data modification, calculations and logic.


Community Visualization: Add a Templated Record to a Data Studio Report

Use templated records in Data Studio to add high quality visualizations to your data source entries with this Community Visualization by Romain Vialard. Update the colors or fonts to match your report in real time.


New Notebook improvements

When you download the latest release, you will see that your Notebooks have a new look. The June release includes several features to improve first time experiences.

Improved notebook toolbar

We have simplified the look and feel of our Notebooks. No functionality was taken away, but the interface is focused on reducing text and using icons to cleanly display actions for a notebook.

New edit toolbar

Users in the past have brought up that the edit state of notebook cells can be confusing. With this new edit toolbar, users can easily know when they are in edit mode and free up actions like double-click when in read-only mode. Adding this new toolbar also makes it easier to add new cells while also reducing whitespace in between cells for a cleaner overall look.

In addition, we have moved the additional actions from the right of the cell into the 3 dots in the edit toolbar. This helps with the spacing of your notebook to provide a cleaner look to context actions.

Python dependencies wizard UI improvements

As announced last month, the Python dependencies wizard makes it easier to select and download the Python dependencies you need for notebook kernels you need to use in the product. With this release, we added some fit and finish UI improvements to help users take full advantage of this experience.

Thanks for reading our monthly update.


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