Google’s Up to Good for a Change!? By. ADMUINFO

Google is back at it again. This time, making some changes for the good! From making it easier for our clients to get spotted in the local pack to giving them Google Adwords credits. Keep on reading for this week’s scoop.

1. The Online Care Icon

For those of you that manage GMB listings for businesses in medical-related fields, be sure to update their GMB listings to include the Virtual Care link in the “Info” tab.The Online Care icon which displays in the local pack on desktop, mobile and maps will definitely help a GMB listing to stand out more than those that don’t have the feature.2. Set More Hours

Businesses that havedifferent sets of business hoursfor different activities such as delivery or pickup can now add these into the GMB listing too. This feature will also help the listing to stand out a bit more.3. Google My Business Is Pulling Data From Facebook

Yes, you read that right! Google is pulling data from Facebook and displaying it within the GMB listing. Barry Schwartz reported this onSearch Engine Roundtableafter he spotted someone discussing it on Twitter. The image that was shared only shows the Owner information being pulled from Facebook – info about the business owners themselves. And you can bet that if Google is pulling this, they are pulling a lot more data than we are even aware of. So make sure your clients’ Facebook Business Pages are up to par.

4. Google Adds Ad Credits for COVID-19 Relief, Promoted Pins & Updates to Ad Policy

If you are advertising on Google or if you manage paid search for your clients, this week they most likely got an ad credit in their accounts. These credits vary in amount. We got a credit for $300 in two different ad accounts. And some are reporting the credits they received are as high as $750.

Google also announcedsquare pins in maps. These will be displayed for businesses running a Google Smart campaign. If you are running Google ads for your clients but have not given their smart ads a try, now is a good time to test it out.

The same week the credits rolled out, so did a change toGoogle’s misrepresentation policy with ads. In short – no more clickbait type headlines. Phrases like “click here to find out” or ads promoting negative life events will no longer be allowed. Thank you, Google.

5. In Other Google News

There are rumors swirling about that Google made another search ranking algorithm update. A lot of tools are seeing fluctuations. We’ll certainly keep you posted as this progresses.

John Mueller says all guest post links should be nofollow. As some of you know, we’ve heard this before. Are you going to go back and change all the existing guest published content to nofollow? Over on the Advice Local blog we haven’t published many guest posts, so most likely, we will simply adopt this policy moving forward.

Google Webmasters released a video on how to check if a business’ website has anymanual actions in Google Search Console (GSC). They have quite a few other videos about GSC on their channel. If you are new to navigating GSC, you may want to check it out.

Through It All, We’re Here for You

While this week we have mostly talked aboutGoogle My Business, remember, we are here for you through all of it. From creating business listings around the web, including GMB and Yelp claiming, we have you covered. When it comes to managing and taking control of a business’ NAP data, we know exactly what it takes.

Request a demoand our team can walk you through each feature included with ourlisting management solution. Let us help you manage your client listings, so you can focus on managing everything else.


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With COVID-19 still substantially impacting businesses, now is the time to make sure the marketing and local SEO efforts for your clients are still paying off. From paying attention to the 301s and 404s on a business’ website to publishing new content and updating existing content, it’s time to give those websites a refresher.

And don’t get so focused on your clients’ websites that you neglect your own. As a local marketer, in order to keep getting conversions you need search traffic too! Dig deeper into the points discussed in the graphic abovein this article.


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