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Google Play Console has been redesigned to be easier to use and more helpful. Discover new ways to get important information faster, better acquisition insights, enhanced team management and publishing options, and more.


What's new in Google Play

What's new in Play Commerce

What else is new on Google Play

Introducing Billing Library Version 3: discover new ways users can pay, subscription promotion capabilities, improvements to purchase security, and more.

Updated Location policy timeline: in February we announced developers will need to get approval to access background location in their app to prevent misuse. Given the current context, we're giving you more time to make changes and will provide an updated timeline later this year.


Android 11 update

Android 11 Beta: focused on People, Controls, and Privacy, with new updates on developer tools, frameworks, and distribution.

11 weeks of Android: over 11 weeks we will provide deep dives on new developer content, from UI through Android Jetpack to Machine Learning.

Android 11 Meetups: a global series of online community meetups to discuss what’s new in Android 11.


Tax withholding notice

If you are distributing your apps or games in Taiwan, starting in August 2020, Google will deduct 3% withholding tax on your share of revenue derived from the sale to end users in Taiwan. This will apply to sales from Jan 1 2017.


Featured Medium articles and developer case studies

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App user journey: activation and commitment

Building apps for everyone: why inclusivity and accessibility truly matter

Play Academy: Introducing Play Console beta

Learn how to use the various new features of Play Console beta in this Play Academy course.


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