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August 2019: Various updates as outlined below:

Google updated our Device and Network Abuse policy with an additional example addressing apps that facilitate proxy services to third parties.We've expanded our Financial Services policy to protect users from deceptive and exploitative personal loan terms.We've clarified our Misleading Claims policy with an additional example regarding demonstrably deceptive content that may interfere with voting processes.

May 2019: Various updates as outlined below:

We've introduced a new Families policy and updated our Designed for Families program policy.We've introduced a new Ad Network Certificationpolicy for apps that serve ads to children.We've updated our Inappropriate Content policies to clarify our existing Sexual Content and Hate Speech policies and introduce new policies on Marijuana, Tobacco and Alcohol.We've updated our Payments policy to introduce a requirement to disclose odds for lootboxes.We have updated our Gambling policy with additional examples.We've clarified our User Generated Content policy to explicitly prohibit monetization features that encourage objectionable behavior by users.We've updated our Minimum Functionality policy to ensure that apps on our platform are designed in a stable, engaging, and responsive way that satisfies all functionality requirements.We've updated our Intellectual Property policy to make clear the prohibition of the sale or promotion for sale of counterfeit goods within an app.

January 2019: Various updates as outlined below:

They’ve introduced a new policy that prohibits the promotion and sale of Unapproved Substances.We've added examples to better clarify our Sensitive Events and Bullying and Harassment policies.

October 2018: Various updates as outlined below:

They clarified our Malicious Behavior policy prohibiting surveillance and commercial spyware apps.We've clarified our Design for Families program requirements and Primarily Child-Directed Declaration guidelines to prohibit misrepresentation of the participating apps and their target age group.We've updated our User Data and Permissionspolicies for more clarity and coverage; including to restrict Call Log and SMS permission usage.We are also removing user information available on the Contacts Provider; to learn more click here.They updated our Enforcement section to explain the extent of our policy coverage, including the actions that we may take on apps that violate our policies.

July 2018: Various updates as outlined below:

They’ve clarified our Child Endangerment policy to emphasize the prohibition of adult themes in apps that appeal to children.We’ve introduced a new policy that prohibits any sale of Dangerous Products, including firearms, explosives, etc. Our Violence policy has also been updated accordingly.We've introduced a new policy on Cryptocurrencymining in our Financial Instruments section.We've clarified our Spam policies to explicitly prohibit repetitive content on our platform. We also don’t allow apps whose primary purpose is to serve ads.We've introduced a new policy on misrepresentationin our Privacy, Security, and Deception policy section.

April 2018: Various updates as outlined below:

We've clarified a few of our Restricted Content policies (Child Endangerment, Hate Speech, Violence, User Generated Content) to help ensure a safe user experience.We've introduced a new policy on Binary Options.We've shared new requirements for Daily Fantasy Sports apps.We've introduced new guidelines on Dishonest Behavior in our Deceptive Behavior policy section.They’ve clarified our standards on Malicious Behaviorwith some new examples.They’ve clarified our high-level policy on App Metadata.We've updated our eligibility criteria and common violations for Designed for Families program to clarify our position on user-generated content (UGC) apps and other inappropriate content.

November 2017: Various updates as outlined below:

They’ve updated our guidance for apps that seek to monetize the lockscreen.We’ve updated our content rating guidelines for unrated apps.We’ve clarified the program requirements for Designed for Families.

October 2017: Various updates as outlined below:

We’ve more clearly defined the geographical restrictions for our gambling policy.We’ve provided clarity on baseline functionality that must be present for apps on Google Play.We’ve identified certain guide app behavior that will preclude publication on Google Play.We’ve taken additional steps to protect users by limiting how and when developers can make permission requests.

August 2017: Various updates as outlined below:

Introduced new policies on gambling apps, which are currently permitted only in the UK, Ireland, and France.We’ve clarified our User Data policy to provide detailed guidance on prominent disclosure.We’re now hosting Android Instant Apps policies in a new category dedicated to other Android programs.We’re now hosting content rating guidelines under our Store Listing and Promotion category.

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